Jack Nicklaus used counterweighted grips in his prime, and claimed that they added speed to his swing. I prefer lighter SW’s in the woods – but that’s because I’ve cut them down shorter than stock lengths. Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie. I can’t quite put my finger on why, I just liked the feel and heft. The local shop gives a day return for credit , so I’m going to try going light.

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Originally Posted by JB. You currently have javascript disabled. The clubs best suited for them feature heavier swingweights. They used to sell a test counterweight that you could add to the butt end of your grip to see if counterweighting was right for you.

Making Sense of Swingweight – How To Break 80

Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. I put my set together on a matching MoI, so my swing weights get gradually heavier with the shorter clubs.

Sign In Sign Up. Advertise with us Privacy Terms. Power Play Warp Speed Swing Weights what do they mean? Swingweight is a non-technical term. Can someone explain swing weight?


Add 3 strips of lead tape to it and weigh it. From what i have been told JB is correct. I could actually feel the head opening and 7c with every swing.

Understanding Swingweight Specs | franklygolf

Santiago Golf, on 16 June – Have to avoid the over-swing, but that keeps the tempo good. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free.

We’d love to have you! For instance changing grips can change the swing weight now, yet you rarely here anybody worried about messing with it when they swingweihht to their grips of choice. All will be appreciated.

Drivers and fairways can be all over the place and will largely depend on what swingweigyt length you use. I have played E2 in the past LIke Hogan, I prefer a heavier swing wieght, I can feel the club better and it feels alot softer at impact. Get our free golf tips sent directly to your email and improve your game now!

Swingweight Question? what’s yours?

What I said is that “most” amateur golfers on golf forums worry too much about it and a large part of the time they will not notice. I know a fitting is the answer, but being a tinkerer, i’m trying to get a good idea to do it myself.


It took a good deal of work to get them built to those specs without the use of lead tape. How many fitters would suggest onset irons? The “right way” is the way that feels best to you – which means you have to try different weights and variations. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. I’ve forgotten my password.

Swungweight setup position is vital to hitting crisp, accurate irons. Swingweight and the actual weight are different things. Swingweight is used to match clubs in a set. It’s not uncommon to go a bit heavier in wedges up to D4.