Helberg – Jan 2, at You need to re-enable your touchpad to be able to use it. Re-enable your touchpad Your laptop touchpad may have been accidentally disabled. I’ve tried and external mouse, and it is detected but doesn’t work either in ‘Control Panel’ states everything is fine. You should update or reinstall your touchpad driver to see if this fixes your touchpad. Make sure you have the correct driver!

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All I had to do was toucypad a copy of my documents in an acer travelmate touchpad storage device, and then recover the OS to the first day, pressing F10 when starting. In the bar at the right bottom of the screen, the icon of the Touchpad appears with a red cross on it. However before I sent it in for service.

Best Bluetooth Dongle For Audio View all 12 comments. Or you should bring your laptop to a travelate repair store. This is my problem. Boot to the live CD. Acer travelmate touchpad Respond to sai.


Share with your friends and families and help them with similar problems! It didn’t work for me, I have an Acer Aspire acer travelmate touchpad If something is working OK leave it alone, do not update it until you get everything else working OK. February 12 by Javed.

[SOLVED] Problem with Touchpad in ACER TravelMate – Tech Support Forum

Windows 8 Professional x64 My System. Slide them toward each other to zoom out. To re-enable acer travelmate touchpad touchpad: Toufhpad, it will if it is activated just before logging in. The maker of the touchpad should be listed in Device Manager. Slide your fingers left and right to navigate through the album.

Touchpad or cursor not working

Keep your family productive, connected, entertained, and safe. I pounded on the left click button pretty firmly and it started working again. Acer travelmate touchpad update one at a time, get that working properly first, that way you will not confuse the issue. I accidentally found a workaround. Most Helpful Newest Oldest. Hardware Ask a question Report. Faketooth – Feb 29, at Have your laptop repaired If you have tried the methods above and the issue remains, you should ask acer travelmate touchpad to rtavelmate and repair your laptop touchpad.


– How to make the touchpad work on Acer Travelmate P? – Ask Ubuntu

Please enter a valid email. But the Touchpad is still not working. Hi, I thought you were having Touchpad problems in Win10? I have a problem with my laptop Aspire One.

[SOLVED] Problem with Touchpad in ACER TravelMate

Does the mousepad work in safe mode? I try to reinstall the driver looked in google but I didnt work.

If you need continued assistance after that, please PM myself or another staff member to have the thread opened. I appreciate it thanks and acer travelmate touchpad care.

Unkn0wn – Nov 28, at You did not hit the F8 key soon enough.