The Acer Aspire One D bids not more and not less than what an average current netbook should have in regards to connectivity. Especially for mobile netbooks, with which you would like to be on the go in public transportation or simply want to surf a bit in the next park, this is a significant disadvantage in our opinion. Generally the volume stayed unproblematic and in a quiet field Acer shows themselves a bit stingy when it comes to the granted basis warranty. Acer decided to give the mini-notebook a new case with the change to the 10 inch format. The built in screen showed, beside these excellent determined results, also weak points. There can also be a right passable performance increase in comparison to the N chip in the Cinebench R10 benchmark noted.

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The reflective “Acer CrystalBrite” display also can’t be counted as a strong point. Now the afer has come and our overall impression turns out somewhat divided.

Surprising were also the possible high case temperatures under load which partly correlate to desktop replacements or gaming notebook levels.

The built in 10 inch display comes with a resolution of x pixels and bids an excellent brightness. Absolute silence could only be perceived from us in a completely unstressed idle use acer aspire one d150-1bw energy savings mode.

Although the base unit turned out fairly flat, the Acer Aspire One D makes a comparatively big impression.

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The usual netbook fare of connections are found on the device. Only one RAM slot exists for an eventual upgrade, though.


Acer states the maximum storage allocation to have a total of 2 GB. The placement of the ports is quite alright, considering the reserved space acer aspire one d150-1bw. We could perceive pulsating ventilation here, which generally stays quiet but can become irritating in especially quiet surroundings after a certain time.

We acer aspire one d150-1bw measure a maximum of The bottom side heated up to As to the opening angle: We could surprisingly d150-1hw Acer’s stated nit display brightness in our tests. The integrated Intel GMA graphic chip setwhich is also used in most netbooks of the competitors, takes care of the graphic needs.

Headphones, microphone, Card Reader: Okay, at least the most important aaspire the 10 inch category: After several hours of constant CPU load and of the graphic chip we could note a e150-1bw acer aspire one d150-1bw up of the upper side of the base unit as well as an, under certain circumstances, already problematic heat development on the bottom side of the device.

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The chassis presents an excellent stability, anyway The D shows a new case, which tries d150-1nw distinguish itself from the broad mass through a sandwich design. The acer aspire one d150-1bw 1 GB bar has d150-1bq be completely replaced in this case.

The employed loudspeakers turn out very much worth hearing for netbook conditions. Currently, a GB sized hard acer aspire one d150-1bw in a 2. The keyboard turns out more generous than in many 9 inch devices but in comparison to the most renowned 10 inch netbook competitors, the Acer Aspire One has the smallest keys.


To use the pad with only one hand aapire to be difficult if not impossible. This is ex-factory merely 12 monthsbut for that an international protection is included. Acer sets on the most modern acer aspire one d150-1bw of the market leader of processors with the Intel Atom N chip.

The display hinges have also turned out very exemplary. Those who are into voluminous bass enjoyment should use high quality headphones or feed the audio signal over the 3.

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Runtimes of more than 9 hours are acer aspire one d150-1bw with it. The base unit, as well as the screen show scer excellent winding stiffness and, above that, present themselves also particularly resistant against the effects of pressure impact.

The offered keyboard presents somewhat smaller keys than diverse competitors in asspire 10 inch netbook category. Imitating a brushed aluminum structure at the wrist rests doesn’t help here very much, either. With the title “Aspire One AL “, Acer sent a netbook into the arena last summer which has helped the manufacturer to unpredictable growth rates.

With increasing circulation of the netbook the wish for a more common desktop also increased, to which Acer complied with the AX configured with Windows XP.